Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 Days---Day 30

As the month comes to a close, I've not meet my goals, but I've written a little more than I normally do. I plan to keep posting at least once a week. I am in the process of reading some books that I received from Tommy Nelson Kids, so that I can post a giveaway. I also will be giving away some of Tricia Goyers books over the next few weeks.  We will be on fall break Monday and Tuesday, although they are calling for snow it's still fall break. I will be transferring my blog to an easier to find website. After the transfer is over I will be holding a contest to help increase my followers with a gift card giveaway. I will announce that as soon as the website is up and running.

This week is getting pretty exciting. The sheet rock guys are at the farmhouse. It's getting really close for us to start moving things. I hope to have most of it moved during Christmas break so we can put the other house up for sale. I finally braved up and went to the cellar. It's not as spooky as I thought it was.

Maggie was Mayor of Biztown Monday. Her class had studied all about the workings of a city over the last few weeks. The students filled out job applications and the teachers chose them by interest and personality. Maggie was little upset that she was Mayor at first, but afterwards was very excited to have been chosen for the role.

Michael went back to school this week and other than being tired he has done well.

Mollie played a B-team tournament. She was a nervous wreck at the first game. During the second game she got the ball, dribbled down and passed off to the point guard. She LOVES basketball now she said.

Mattie has been working hard on her part in Once On This Island, JR. My students perform next Thursday. If you're local you will not want to miss out on it and Into the Woods, JR. Mattie is also working on her speech and campaign for Vice-President of the state Beta Club.

We hope to rest some this long weekend between the cleaning and discarding of things we don't need. Here are a current pic of the farmhouse. You can read about the house here.

Have a great weekend!!

The outside still needs a few little things and a Caribbean Blue front door.

The cellar wasn't so bad.

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