Thursday, January 17, 2013

New House Sneak Peak

We closed Wednesday evening on what will become our new home in just a few months. As you will see in these pictures it needs some major TLC. It was built in 1912. The family we bought it from was so excited that kids were moving in. They finished signing first and while Mikie and I were finishing our paperwork they spent time with our kids. They found out were the peach, apple and pecan trees are and the best hiding places for hide and seek. They told us the garden should be good to go with well fertilized dirt from the farm they ran there. We are able to have animals there too. I'll take some outside pictures of the house, barns, sheds and Michael's favorite building the outhouse when the weather clears up. Now for getting our current home ready to show and the new one ready to move in. Ignore the crazy, overly excited, you would have thought we were moving into to Disney World kids. :)

Dining Room--love the built in hutch and antique chandelier

front door and hallway


living room

parlor doors--my favorite 

master bedroom

upstairs hallway

Michael's room he hopes to keep the wallpaper. 

Maggie's room

Mattie's room needs the most work cosmetically

Mollie's room

storage--possibly girls walk in closet, dressing area, maybe bath

coming back downstairs

picture I pinned from the real estate listing.

Have any ideals of how you would remodel? I'd love to hear them and stay tuned for the exciting adventure. 

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Wendy said...

Oh, I just love it. It reminds me a lot of my great-grandparents house, built close to the same time as this one. It was the first house in Kingsport to have large indoor bathrooms, and the family actually had to give tours to the community when they first moved in to satisfy all the curiosity about the bathrooms. Few people had one indoor bathroom at that time, and if they did, it was not ever a room that anyone ever put much thought into! lol! How times change. But I love how this house has saved some of that simpler, nostalgic times of old for us. I love thinking about all the things that have happened in a house like that over the years--children that have grown up there, Christmases abd birthdays and Thanksgivings...if the walls could talk, as they say. I know it will be beautiful when you finish, since it is already beautiful at the beginning of the journey. Wishing your family many years of happiness within these walls.