Thursday, January 17, 2013

New House Sneak Peak

We closed Wednesday evening on what will become our new home in just a few months. As you will see in these pictures it needs some major TLC. It was built in 1912. The family we bought it from was so excited that kids were moving in. They finished signing first and while Mikie and I were finishing our paperwork they spent time with our kids. They found out were the peach, apple and pecan trees are and the best hiding places for hide and seek. They told us the garden should be good to go with well fertilized dirt from the farm they ran there. We are able to have animals there too. I'll take some outside pictures of the house, barns, sheds and Michael's favorite building the outhouse when the weather clears up. Now for getting our current home ready to show and the new one ready to move in. Ignore the crazy, overly excited, you would have thought we were moving into to Disney World kids. :)

Dining Room--love the built in hutch and antique chandelier

front door and hallway


living room

parlor doors--my favorite 

master bedroom

upstairs hallway

Michael's room he hopes to keep the wallpaper. 

Maggie's room

Mattie's room needs the most work cosmetically

Mollie's room

storage--possibly girls walk in closet, dressing area, maybe bath

coming back downstairs

picture I pinned from the real estate listing.

Have any ideals of how you would remodel? I'd love to hear them and stay tuned for the exciting adventure. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Titanic Family Adventure

Yea, I know it's not supposed to be an adventure, although I think that's what it started out as for so many aboard, almost 101 years ago. While it is an intriguing story for so many of us it is a very sad story also.

It's a story that our family has had the privilege to experience several times over the last year and half. We went for our first time in June 2011 and fell in love with the Titanic and her story. Read all about it  here! Mattie, my history buff would move in I believe, because she learns something new every time she goes. We visited again in April 2012 for the 100 year Tribute to the Titanic. What a celebration of life and a memorial to those aboard.

We visited on Thanksgiving. The Titanic was beautifully decorated for Christmas, but there was a special treat that night, fireworks and snow. The fireworks were beautiful and the snow was wonderful.  I have some really neat pictures but for some reason they won't load, sorry.

From the 100 Year Tribute
We love the Titanic Crew. Every single person is always so warm and welcoming when they see you. This evening was no different, even though they were missing out on family time. Even Mrs. Joslyn one of the owners herself was there. I think it is really neat that the Joslyn's are hands on with the Titanic. We have seen Mrs. Joslyn several times we have been there. The first time she told us about the timeline board. We didn't have any idea who she was at the time, but later learned her identity.

This year is the Year of the Child. Those who visit will learn the stories of the 133 children aboard the Titanic. There is also a Princess Tea Party coming up in April, for all those little girls in your life. And you won't want to miss the third annual Professional Ice Carving Competition on January 19th. Titanic will honor teachers again in February with a free ticket. January through May offers homeschoolers special rates.

Titanic is closed this week until January 11th for its cleaning and set up of the new exhibit honoring the children. But never fear,  I have a family pass to give away. I want you to have the opportunity to explore, remember and enjoy the excitement of the Titanic.

Leave me a comment below to enter to win the family pass which is good for two adults and four children. It expires February 28th so you will need to use it soon.

Tell me what intrigues you about the Titanic in the comments below to be entered to win.

You have until midnight January 11th to enter. I will use to select a winner.

Disclaimer: I received a free family admission to the Titanic on Thanksgiving and received another to giveaway.

PS: You can click through any of the purple links to find out more about the Titanic.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Pictures

So much has happened throughout 2012, so I've chosen a few of my favorite pictures from this year in no particular order to review our year. Let's just say it was really hard to pick out of almost 3000 pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

We became bee keepers.

A cold January picnic with Kellie.

Mollie's trap worked, the Leprechaun came home from school. 

He left a present. :)

Mattie celebrates turning 10 with two good friends.

Our home for the last 11 years. That will change in 2013.

Sometimes it's hard being the only brother.

Mother's Day goodies being made with best friends.

It never ends. Praise God!

Best Friends, Two Peas in a Pod,

Kindergarten graduation and summer begins!

Drying out!

Memorial Day Camping

Weekend Getaway

Little Shop of Horrors

Golf Camp

Boy time!

Titanic 100 years

Journey Camp

Davy Crockett Pioneer Kids Day

Mollie's 6th birthday, Art Shop in the basement

Sunday Fun

134th ARW families meet Mrs. Haslam.

Yep, that's what the ziploc vacuum sealer does. 

Some times friends leave. 

Sometimes they are silly too.

We ALL go back to school.


A new place to worship in.

Playing in the hay.

It's for a 5 year old. He will never grow up.


Winter at Hilton Head
Really, Mom? Yea, that's why I have no pics of her. 

Trying to stay dry.

Mollie's second favorite way to be carried. 

Just me and my gang!

New Year's Eve Bow and Arrow war casualty.

Yahtzee champ's trophy stolen. 
The End!