Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gigi, God's Little Princess DVD Set Giveaway

Up for Giveaway today, is a set of Gigi--God's Little Princess DVD's, by Sheila Walsh, from Tommy Nelson Kids. 

The first, Real Princesses Treat Everyone Like Royalty, includes the four episodes listed below.

  • The Royal Tea Party
  • The Pink Ballerina
  • The Royal Circus
  • The Pink Surprise
Sometimes it's hard for Princesses to show love to others, even though they know God loves everyone and they are all royalty in God's Court.

The second DVD, God Made Princesses in All Shapes and Sizes, includes these four episodes:

  • The Princess Hair Do
  • A Trip to the Zoo
  • Gigi and the Purple Ponies
  • Gigi's Ginormous Sneeze
Every girl is a princesses and sometimes we worry so much about how we look that we forget that true beauty comes from within.

These are favorites at our house!  Each DVD is 90 minutes in length.

Each episode teaches girls they are special and beautiful and how to love people, themselves and God. 

Although they are about Gigi, Michael enjoys watching them too.So you don't have to worry about brothers fussing when sister puts it in to watch. 

If you would like to win a copy of these DVD's from Tommy Nelson leave a comment to the following question below.

How can your daughter learn to be God's Princess from the Gigi stories?

On twitter tweet the following:
My daughter can be #JustLikeGigi thanks to @mommyto4mjs & @TommyNelson

Alright there you go easy peasy. You have until Sunday, March 4th to enter. Tell all your friends.

Disclaimer: As usually Tommy Nelson Kids allowed our family to have a copy of these DVDs. Opinions are mine and I wasn't paid!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An "I Love You" Prayer--Giveaway

This is an adorable book, An "I Love You" Prayer written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Frank Endersby is about two friends, a cat and a puppy, who share the ways that God loves everyday. A mother bird feeds her babies, a turtle finds water, the puppy has a warm doghouse out of the rain, a rainbow and a blue sky appear and God's love is shown.

Teaching our young children about God's love is sometimes difficult for them to understand. This book An "I Love You" Prayer emphasizes the importance of love. It has a sweet rhyming prayer and beautiful illustrations.

Since the book is a board book it's great for even the smallest child, it's written for ages 1-5 years. Parents can start early sharing God's love and teaching their child how to love others.

Now for a chance to win this cute book.

How would your kids answer this question, "God's love is like__________________."

Comment on this post and let me know their answer. Tommy Nelson Kids has given me one of these great books to give away. Contest will end at midnight, February 29th.

Disclaimer: Tommy Nelson Kids gave me a book to share with my kids. The opinions in this post are mine.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giveaway--Thomas Nelson Kids--"cliques, hicks and ugly sticks"

Drama, whose life isn't full of it? Just when I thought my blogspot problem was fixed something else would happen and I would lose my post for this book again. You would think after typing and losing it three separate times I would have gotten smart enough to forgo the drama involved and type it in Pages and then copy and paste. Oh no, not I. I hand wrote it at lunch one day and guess what? I can't find it.
I've always had drama in my life but I really think it's getting much worse. Maybe it has to do with working with middle schoolers everyday, cause I'm sure having four children of my own has nothing to do with it (insert big smile).

Well, now for what you came here for. "Cliques, hicks, and ugly sticks," is a wonderful middle school aged book about the drama that unfolds in the life of April Grace Reilly. This is the second book in the "Confessions of April Grace," series. As if junior high or middle school isn't bad enough throw in a selfish neighbor, a love triangle involving your grandma, "the snotties," and the news that your mom is pregnant and the drama that ensues is enough to keep you in stitches.

K.D. McCrite has hit right up the alley of most girls this age who can relate to April Grace and the drama that she is involved in. Finding out that at the age of 11 you're going to be a big sister is a huge surprise. Most small children don't take it well, but imagine what April Grace must be thinking. I won't tell you, you'll have to read to find out.

I see the drama that "the snotties" at my middle schools cause everyday and I remember those who could have been a "snottie" when I was that age. Oops, I hope none of them read this post. This is a must read for any tween girl or her mommy that grew up in the 80's. If the cover picture doesn't draw you in the story certainly will.

Click here to read the first chapter! Then come back and let me know what you think.

There are several ways to enter the contest to win your own copy of the book, "cliques, hicks and ugly sticks." Do the things below and come back here and leave a different comment for each. I will choose a winner on Valentine's Day night to win the book.

Good luck!

Here are your 5 ways to win:
1. Share an instance you or your child had that was difficult at the time, but now you can look back and laugh or learn from it.
2. Friend  April Grace Reilly on FaceBook and come back and comment below and let me know you did.
3. Like mommyto4mjs on FaceBook and let me know. If you already do let me know that too!
4. Follow mommyto4mjs on Twitter and come back and let me know.
5. Read the first chapter of the book and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: As a Tommy Mommy I am able to review this book that was sent to me. The opinions are mine and I am not paid to write this post.