Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 6 and 7--Childhood Dreams and Why I Became a Teacher

       Growing up I was determined to be Shuttle Commander for NASA, at least after becoming the first female fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. That dream changed January 28, 1986. I was sitting in my fourth grade classroom eating lunch. We were allowed to eat in class that day because the Shuttle Challenger was launching and taking teacher Christa McAuliffe  to space.

As I ate my lunch my excitement grew. Then, suddenly, 73 seconds into departure the unthinkable happened. I watched as the Shuttle Challenger exploded and fell back to Earth. My excitement turned to shock, fear, tears.  I felt like I had lost someone on that shuttle that day. 

That’s when I realized that being Shuttle Commander wasn’t just a fun, cool job it was a huge responsibility and could be dangerous. I still wanted to work for NASA but maybe in other position as the years passed. 

Eventually I started to come to the realization that I just wasn’t Air Force or NASA material. I stink at math as you know and most everything related to it. Plus, I really wanted to be a mom and a stay at home mom at that. I would feel guilty I thought if Nana and Papaw spent all that money helping me through school and then I didn’t use what I had learned. 

I didn’t realize that I would have received money for my schooling, but by the time I found out, I didn’t want to go to far from home either. 

As my senior year of high school wore on I needed to declare a major for college. As much as I wanted a corner office, suits and high heels, a fancy desk and a couch for my clients, I knew counseling wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Miss Omega, my piano teacher, looked at me one day and asked, 

“Michelle, what do you enjoy doing the most?”

“Teaching kids piano and playing piano and singing.” I replied.

I got it. I knew I should be a music teacher. I could be a mom, have the same schedule as my own kids and do what I loved the most. I went to college and majored in music education. I taught music for seven years before I became a stay at home mom for six years. I loved teaching piano to my students, many of whom were in our wedding. One day I will teach piano again, when you all aren't in so many activities or can drive yourselves. Even if I don't go back to teaching full-time, I can sub and still do what I love.

       I know my childhood dream isn't as extravagant as yours, being a missionary, veterinarian, going to the Air Guard like your daddy or being a monkey handler are all great things to strive for. Know that no matter what you decide to do, where God leads you, your Daddy and I will be there for you. Nana and Papaw were for me and I've never felt guilty for being a stay at home mom. 

      On a side note to my readers. As I've written these posts, I've realized some should be combined, like this one, a few are a little more personal than I want to share online and a couple need pictures which are at my parents house. Look for the highlighted links to stories that have been posted and come back in a few days for some more. 

Day--3 Favorite Summer Growing Up

        My favorite summer growing up was the one between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. Papaw Gary lost his job. He spent the summer trying to draw his unemployment. It was a fight but the unemployment office agreed that he was unfairly treated and by the end of summer he began to receive his unemployment.

        That wasn't my favorite part. This is...

         I had my wisdom teeth cut out the first week of summer break. Once I mended the fun began. Papaw painted my Nana and Papaw Cureton's house inside and out. Uncle Buddy and I got to help paint the kitchen cabinets. Papaw did odd jobs for different people to help buy groceries and the things we needed.

        Every week we would spend a day or two in Greeneville, Knoxville or Morristown. We would sit in the car, play at a park or window shop while Papaw dropped off resumes and went to interviews.

        My Great-Aunt Betty Jo loved to listen to the local radio station. She was really good at the trivia questions they would ask. She would call in and answer and win prizes. That summer they gave away tickets to the Dollywood Summer Concert Series. Although she could only win every 30 days, someone we knew or were related to won almost every set of tickets they gave away, every week, that summer. Not one of us ever called in. Whoever's name won would pick up the tickets or send Papaw to get them. We went to Dollywood almost every week that summer with those tickets.

        We didn't get new things that summer and only necessities were purchased. I'm pretty positive that my Nana bought our back to school clothes. It was that summer that I realized just how much my Mom and Dad, your Nana and Papaw had sacrificed over the years for our family; the sacrifice for Nana to stay home with Uncle Buddy and I when we were little, the sacrifice to pay for piano lessons, doctor bills and birthday parties to name a few.  

        I knew we didn't have a lot of money growing up. I knew that I wasn't any different that almost of all of the other kids in my class financially, but I knew that I was different. My parents and grandparents made sure I never needed anything. Sometimes I didn't get my wants, but I always had everything I needed. That summer it all became clear. It was the happiest I had ever seen Papaw and Nana even with the financial stress and it was an awesome summer of fun and helping others.

        Your Nana doesn't speak to groups of people. She was asked several times, after that summer and Papaw received a new job, to tell her story of how and why she continued to tithe, give their 10% to God. She shared how she knew that if she gave God what was His, He would bless us. Oh how the blessings came. 

       Nana and Papaw won't say that was their favorite summer but I bet they will say it was one of their favorites. 


Monday, October 5, 2015

Earliest Childhood Memory--Day 2

     I was going to tell you about my earliest childhood memory. I don't really remember what it was though. Nana and Papaw are really good at sharing memories, slides and pictures. I need to visit them so I have some pictures to post. But that's the reason I don't know if I truly remember  as far back as I think I do.
     They tell us about our first trip to Walt Disney World. I was two and Uncle Buddy was in Nana's belly. They have slides of me kissing Pooh Bear, but I don't remember it. 

     I do remember singing Away in a Manager during the church Christmas Cantata when I was four. Kristy was baby Jesus and Mike and Starlene were Mary and Joseph. She cried the whole time I sang. I remember thinking if I touched her she would stop crying, but instead I almost knocked her and the manger off the stage. At least, that's how I remember it. 

     I remember going to the Woodzo Drive-in with my best friend and cousin Suzanne to watch E.T. in 1982. Your Papaw would fill brown paper grocery bags full of homemade popcorn. We would take a cooler of ice and two liter drinks. The little speaker detached from the pole and hooked onto the window of the car. I'm not sure how many times we saw E.T. at the Woodzo but it was several. Over the years, we saw several different movies there. Unfortunately, it closed while I was in college. There are still several drive-ins in East Tennessee. Taking you all is on my bucket list.

     I remember during a solar eclipse standing at the front door. Nana kept repeating, 
           "Do not look at the sun. Do you hear me? You will go blind."
     Guess what? All I wanted to do was prove her wrong. She wouldn't let us out the door though so one of these days I'll find out if it's true. 

     In kindergarten we had a wooden boat in our classroom. Two people could sit on each end and rock. One day a mouse ran across the room and everyone outside the boat had a fit.

      I also received my first, but not last, at school spanking in kindergarten. The way I remember it, Mrs. Weller, had told us to leave the cafeteria in order. If we had a tray, we were to go to the tray return, otherwise, dump our trash and line up on the wall outside the cafeteria. The most important part was that we were to line up in the order we walked out of the cafeteria. 
     I lined up in order, Tim did not. Tim will probably still declare that he was in order, but I gracefully placed my metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox into the side of Tim's head. Tim went to the nurse and I went to the bathroom for three licks with Mrs. Weller's paddle. Of course, in true what you get at school you get at home fashion, I also received three spankings with the belt when Papaw got home from work. 

     I remember my Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather Reece. They lived in Del Rio. They were complete opposites in size. She was very short. I'm not sure she was even five feet and round. He was six foot something and skinny. But they were a hoot. 

    Mattie's middle name was my Grandmother Brook's maiden name. She is your Papaw Gary's Mom. She was sick most of Papaw's life. She raised him for several years as a single mother. When I was in sixth grade, I think's when it was, she was 60 and dying. On Christmas Eve, Papaw worked it out for us to visit her in the hospital. The nurses disappeared as we came down the hallway. We weren't old enough to go back to her room. Our Cousin Phyllis, worked at T.J. Maxx then. Mamaw and Papaw had given her money to buy Christmas presents. I have no idea what anyone else received, but I got the best present ever. A denim skirt and a salmon colored sweatshirt, that slid off one shoulder just a smidgen. It became my favorite outfit, because it was from Mamaw, Phyllis had picked it out and no one else at school would have one. 

     Mamaw passed away on New Year's Eve at home. We had sat with her for a while and then Papaw Brooks told Daddy to take us home and shoot fireworks. It wasn't long after we got home that he called to tell us she had closed her eyes and took a breath and went to sleep. She was gone. 

     She was overprotective, that's where your Papaw gets it from, (love you Daddy). Yes, I wore that Christmas outfit for her funeral, house shoe and all. Uncle Buddy stepped on my toe the morning of her funeral and broke it. It was swollen and crooked. 

     I wish you could have met my grandparents. I'll tell you more about them another day. I could go on for days with stories. But these will have to do for today. 

     If you are reading this and have a memory you would like to share, whether I'm in it or not, please share!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tennessee Weekend of Prayer--August 1st and 2nd

As our students head back to school, Governor Haslam has declared the first weekend in August to be Weekend of Prayer Over Students. I have organized a Facebook page, Weekend of Prayer for our county schools. Please join us no matter where your school is and pray this weekend.

For those that will be prayer walking, I have used several sources to create a list of things to pray for as well as a prayer that you can use. I'm not very good with inserting documents so I think the easiest way will be to either read it from your mobile device or copy and paste it into a Word document and print. If you need, I can email it to you, just comment below with your email address. You can also find it on the Facebook page here Weekend of Prayer.

Thank you for putting our schools first this weekend. Of course these are great ideas to pray everyday for our schools.

Suggested Prayers:

For Students:
*Their Faith--That every student will come to know Christ, early and deeply and discover his/her value in Christ, his/her particular function in the body of Chris and most of all, develop a passionate love for the Lord and others.
*John 13:34
*Their Worth--That our students know they are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Ephesians 2:10
*Students will be respectful, kind and courteous to teachers, staff and peers.
*A desire to learn and disciplined in preparation (be on time, homework completed, etc.)
*Godly wisdom
*Spiritual guidance and direction of each student. 
*Friendships and connections
*Hedge of protection from:
*peer pressure
*bullying, fighting, unrest
*drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, pornography
*gossip and misunderstandings
*emotional issues

For Teachers and Administration:
*Unity within the staff.
*Confidence in teaching, knowledge, leadership skills and wisdom.
*Godly wisdom and humility. 
*Passion to light the path of their class.  “Show me your ways, O Lord, Teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me for you are God, my Savior.” Psalm 25:4-5
*A heart of prayer for their students.
*A hedge of protection for health and faith, for their marriage and family.
*Relief from excessive stress and patience. 

For Families:
*Families in this neighborhood.
*Financial wisdom
*Peace and joy in parenting
*Parent involvement at school.
*Family time with God.
Prayer for Our School

Lord God, we thank you for the opportunity to begin the 2015-2016 school year, and we ask that you bless the faculty, the students and families of __________ (your school). We pray that you will guide us in all ways and that we will seek your will in everyting that we do.

As we walk around the grounds of __________school, Lord, may you bless the land and put a hedge of protection around it. Bless this school and all who pass through its halls of learning. May its teachers be filled with love and skilled in imparting true knowledge. May its students be open-minded and their learning full of joy and eagerness. May this school always be a safe, fun, loving place for these children. A school of wisdom, truth and good will toward all, helping to build up our community and your kindom of justice, love and peace. 

Lord, bless and protect the children of _____________school. Thank you for the gift of our children. They are precious in Your sight, for You were once a child. You know the many temptations and peer pressures that come to our young people everyday. Shield them O Lord and guide them. Help them find godly friends who will support, encourage and uphold them to Christian faith. 

Bless our teachers with true wisdom and may they teach not only academic instructions, but proper morals and love of God and higher authority. As they open their mouths to relay knowledge and wisdom, may their words be filled with inspiration and encouragement, that our students will be strenghtened to use their knowledge in developing their talents and abiliteis to make a difference for the betterment of this world. 

Show us parents, teachers and students a special measure of Your grace, lead us in the right paths. Help us not to lean in our own undestanding, but in all our ways, may we acknowledge You. Give us all true wisdom which finds it joy in You. Dear Lord, as our Teacher, help us to remember that you are the beginning of wisdom. May there be more prayerful parents, teachers and students who will stand up for You. May we cling to the truth and may our lights shine so brightly that the world of learning may be reminded that knowledge is fleeting, but Godly wisdom is eternal.

Thank you, O Lord of wisdom, our Sovereign and Mighty God, who shows us the Way, The Truth and the Life through Jesus Christ, Our Savior. Continue to teach us our ways, bless our growth in grace and give us deeper understanding of Your good and gracious will. To the Greatest Teacher who ever lived, Our Savior and Friend Jesus, may Your will be done according to your promises. Amen.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Photo Fun

I've not taken my Canon T2i camera with me this summer when we have traveled. I've just used my iPhone for pictures. Wendy and I still have several weddings to photograph this year and I want to give it and my back a break. These are some of my favorite everyday shots from my iPhone that the kids and I really like. What are you using for summer photography?

Looked for this baby for days to take to Washington D.C. found the day we got back.
I'll post the D.C. trip a little later.  

Me and my Daddy--Father's Day!

Julia's wedding and the only one here that I did use my Canon for.
 I've know Julia since she was little and she was one of my first piano students.
 You can check out Wendy Ivens Photography here for all your photography needs.

We bought a selfie stick in Nashvegas! We were there for the National Beta Convention.

Nashville Downtown

You got to practice.

Love how they work together to figure out the pattern of the subway tile I wanted for the parlor fireplace.
Find out more about our farmhouse remodel here.

This girl celebrated her 9th birthday with ramen noodles for breakfast in bed.
Yes, it's a number four, all the other candles have moved already. 

Sisters! They look so grown up.

A wedding I got to attend and not work. It was held at the beautiful Storybrook Farm.
Can't believe I got him to take a picture.

Our good friends and awesome teachers.  Becky has taught the three youngest.
 Josh had Mattie last year and will eventually have the other three. Many wishes for Happy EverAfter. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What We Are Reading This Week

This week as school ends, I'm finishing up Both Feet In: A Journey to Surrender, Sacrifice and Service by our Interim Pastor's Father-In-Law, Bud Fray. Mattie is currently working on the Channing O'Banning series by Angela Spady. Maggie is reading book five in the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. Michael is reading the I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis. He has the first ten and is saving up to purchase the next ones. Mollie is finishing up a library book.

We read or listen to books to and from school since we have a 25 minute drive each way. This week we started The Essential 55 by Ron Clark. My afternoon school is planning to implement these rules this fall. So far the ones we've read are great for everyone not just school kids or teachers. Be on the lookout for reviews of these books and some giveaways before the end of the month.

So what are you reading?

Disclaimer: Just to let you know by clicking through the links that go to Amazon if you make a purchase I may receive a percentage of the sales.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Year in Review

At the beginning of the year, I decided that my "word" for 2014 was live. You can check that post out here at 2014--My Word of the Year. If you're wondering, I know most of you aren't, how my year of living turned out read on. Part of the following post was my game plan for 2014 the bold sentences that follow each goal tell how things turned out.

In January 2014, this is how I described my life... Um, boring. It's more like the antonyms, deactive, ineffective, asleep, stagnant, unproductive. But what can I do in 2014 to make live look like it's true meaning?

God, Family, Friends, FUN--No Internet, no phone except in case of emergency and I will decide whether your emergency is my emergency too. Most Sundays I did pretty well with no Internet. Although, I did edit and post pictures to Facebook instead of napping on many of those Sundays. 

Hubby and Kids and family first after God. They are my life. More time with them. I often put other people's needs or things I think need to be done before my family. I'm not apologizing for telling people no. Look people in the eye when I talk to them, especially my kids, in the same room, not from across the house. I even miss out on family time with parents, siblings and our niece and nephews because I'm busy doing something someone else thinks I should have or make time for.
I'm not saying I won't do things to help people. But I will pray and seek God's will and take into consideration my families thoughts and needs before I commit. I did much better with the kids. Mikie is still working on the remodel and I didn't do so great in the time with Mikie goal. the remodel is almost finished and this is still one of my goals for 2015, strengthing our marriage. 

Let Go--
I made my own planner/journal in December. I know God was preparing me to live as I worked on it. It has a calendar for each month, but no hourly schedule. It's more of a journal to record what we do each day after it's done. I want to remember these times, but I'm not going to be tied to a schedule, or to journaling everyday. Live in the moment. Even behind my camera I can live and the kids and I can record our year of memories in our Project Life Book. Well, no Project Life Book even started in 2014. I do have a cart full of photos ready to print, most from my phone. One for each day of the year to go in the journal.

Schedules, basketball ends next week. Other than Mattie running track and field sports are done until next basketball season. The kids are pretty athletic, but our lives aren't going to be run by sports. We hope to move this summer. A big yard sale will follow. Mikie spends every day off remodeling, the kids and I fill our off days with things that don't always help our family or fit into our family mission statement. Still working on this one and that's all I'll say about that. 

Social Media--
None on Sunday and limited time the rest of the week. I have some sponsored posts for the blog coming up. Time spent on social media needs to honor God and help my blog, not my nose problem. I do this one pretty well during the school year, not so well during breaks. 

I can't live if I'm not alive. Healthier eating, more exercise, less crap, less stress. In the words of Dave Ramsey, "Live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else." I know he is talking about budgeting, which we already do, but it applies to my whole life. This is a goal every year. 

So in 2014, I will live, live for God, live for now, love for the future, live for my family, friends and fun. Live like there's no tomorrow. Live with no regrets. I did all of those things in 2014 plus so much more. 

What's your word?

Disclaimer: I didn't take time from my family to post this. I'm enjoying a second sick day this week, thanks to strep and a fever. So other than sleep, no one was neglected.

Look for my year in review in pictures and my 2015 goals coming soon.

Saying goodbye to the old and looking forward to the new!