Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Looney Bin

Schools been in session one month and I'm still not in the swing of it. If mj2 wasn't so organized and focused we would be in worse shape than we were already. Between two meetings a week for church not to mention the regular Sunday and Wednesday activities and Mikie's classes two nights a week, one of us is not here at the kids bedtime every night. Tonight we both miss it and Aunt Randa gets to tuck them in.

It's gotten so bad that mj2 wore pink on red day, took boxes of scooby snacks instead of individual packs and we "tossed" four bags of stuff from the girls bedroom floor. No, I didn't throw it away not yet anyway. It is in hiding so that when I decide I will go through it, toss what I can, give back what they need and they will have to earn the rest of it back.

Last night as I waited for my 8pm meeting at church all four kids were arguing in the hallway, something they usually don't do at church, thank goodness. I made the comment to someone in passing that I was beginning to think I needed to be committed to the looney bin. At least it would be quiet there, right? Then I realized quiet isn't what I need. Organization and maybe a wooden spoon is what I need. If we were more organized at home like I am with my volunteer stuff we could find mj2's sandals, that LifeWay receipt from two weeks ago, and my sanity.

After all if momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy. So as I embark on the new me, organized, healthy, learning to say no, I went today and joined Weight Watchers. While I'm writing this blog I'm waiting on the Weight Watchers website to load so I can check it out. Counting points is going to be the easy part, exercise well let's not go there.

I was looking at my schedule the other day and thinking of all the things that I've committed myself to this school year. Here is a list: WMU director, preschool choir director, 1st-3rd grade handbell director, music minister search committee, mission's committee for new building project and that's just church. Then PTO board of directors member for the girls school, classes at Block in case I go back, teaching piano and mj1-3 have joined the local children's choir. Helping Mikie with his classes, not to mention keeping up a home, being a wife and mom to four. WOW, think I need a nap just writing it all down.

Now I know that you really don't care what all I have on my plate. If you're reading this blog in the first place I am thankful but you are probably like me and need to get a life. A life that is more exciting on most days and that is worth the time you spend on it during your waking days.

I thought the other night as I laid in bed about telling mj4 that she has to wait another year to play or cheer for Upward Sports. As a three year old it's hard to understand. But then I got to thinking about all the things we have to wait for in life and how frustrating it is to wait. Then I realized God has waited on me so many times. Especially since I became a Christian in eighth grade. He waited on me to ask Him into my heart. He waits on me to ask forgiveness everyday. When I don't show up to spend time with Him, He waits. I wonder if He ever gets tired of waiting. No, probably not, He waits on me to realize that I can't "do" life without Him. Although I know He should be first in everything I do, He waits until I make Him first at the moment. And He's there. He listens and if I would stop long enough to listen He would talk back. He's there no matter where I am or how crazy it is at home. He just waits and then blesses me with what I really don't deserve. I'm just thankful He knows more than I do.

Thank you Lord, for waiting on me. Help me Lord to priortize and put you first each day so that the rest of my day isn't so crazy. Thank you for the crazy times though and for seeing me through. Amen.

Gotta go, pick up at PDO and school and the crazy continues.