Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent 2010

Two years ago when my children were 2, 3, 5 and 6 years old, their Dad was deployed through Christmas,  I purchased an Advent wreath. It was made of different sized boxes. I stuffed each box with a goody or a note for a goody. You can use this same concept with anything that you have 25 of at home, like paper cone trees on the table, 25 mismatched socks, or 25 brown paper bags. Below you will find my gift list for this year’s 25 days of Christmas. Each of the gifts is typically limited to $1.00 per child, since there are four, including the outfits they will receive on Day 1 and Day 12. I purchased those at Belk in February for 98 cents as I have the last couple of years. I budget and buy all year for Christmas so I am able to find really neat gifts for $1.00 or less. 
1: Check the foot of Mom and Dad’s bed. (a new Christmas outfit or shirt for each) (put note in calendar)
2: Afterschool trip to Sonic for a half price slush (place 4 $1.00 bills with note in calender)
3: Cadoozles pencils. They're mechanical and have cool colors and decorations. Look for them at office max. The kids got 2 each.
4:  Note for Movie Night @ home with popcorn and Pepsi (soft drinks are treats @ our house)
5: Trip to the Air Base and watch Daddy’s plane take off (note)
6: New Board game (I’ll have to check my stash) (note, game on table)
7: Choose gifts to purchase for Samaritan’s Purse (money budgeted in Christmas gift budget)
8: Note of encouragement for youngest 3, eat lunch with Mattie @ school
9: Super Glow Wands, sword, stars. Dollar Tree after Halloween
10: ICEE from Weigels
11: Cookie baking with friends to take to Nursing Home
12: New Sunday dresses and suit (for church Christmas program) 
13: Lunch with Maggie, notes of encouragement for other 3
14: Drop, Ring and Run gifts @ Neighbors (dollar tree hand towel, pot holder, etc)
15: Lunch with Mattie  and note of encouragement for other 3
16: New Pj’s for Pj day at school (bought @ consignment)
17: Trip To Air Base to pick Daddy up. 
18: Veggie Tale’s movie (free with Pre-buy of Sweet Pea Beauty)
19: Coloring Book/Word Search Book
20: Christmas shopping with Daddy for Mommy (yes more than $4 but time with Daddy is priceless)
21: Grammy's 3 day Christmas Adventure with the cousins
 22: No gift today, still at Grammy's
23: Ride and look at Christmas Lights
24: New Christmas book 
25: Baby Jesus is here and placed in the Nativity set and Daddy reads the Christmas Story
Think about your children and let your ideals come from them and their interest. 

We also use a book with a devotion for each day of Advent. Some families read a little bit of the Christmas story each day until Jesus arrives.
Merry Christmas,

PS. Since I'm late on publishing I will tell you school was out today, the 8th. So I couldn't eat lunch with Mattie. Instead each child spent 15 minutes with me alone doing what that wanted to do with no interruptions from anyone else. Of course they loved it and Mommy did too. Michael doesn't have a special lunch day because I worked in his room the 2 days before Thanksgiving and ate lunch with him both days.

For more ideals check out my post from last year about the 25 days of Christmas.