Friday, December 30, 2011

Giveaway: Heroes and Villians of the Bible

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas season. As we have been packing up Christmas and decluttering and reorganizing the house for the new year, I realized I have a book from Tommy Nelson to give away.

Michael, our 6 yr old, really likes this book. I'm sure the girls will too when he gets finished.

Michael has been using Heroes & Villains of the Bible for his daily bedtime devotion. Each of the 50 stories includes an introduction to the story, Bible text and then a section to think about. It's geared toward kids ages 8 to 12. It is very appropriate for our six year old though.

One of my favorites is the story of Miriam and Moses. It begins by telling about the mean king, and uses Exodus 1:8-2:10 to tell the story. At the end there is a something to think about section. This one tells that heroes aren't always warriors, anyone can be a hero. This one touches my heart because it says, "Heroes know that they must stand up for the weak." Michael is a hero because this is his nature. His closet friend at school is a little boy who no one else will play with, he smells and often fills his backpack with the left over milk and cereal at breakfast. But Michael doesn't care he wants this little boy to have a friend.

If your looking for a new bedtime book or devotional this would be a great book. You can purchase it on Amazon or you can leave a comment below for a chance to win.

Enjoy this book with your children and learn more about how to be a hero not a villain.

How to win 2 chances:
1. Leave a comment below and tell me who you would read this book with.
2. Like my Facebook page mommyto4mjs. Then come back and leave me a comment. If you already like it just leave a comment saying so.

Contest will end at midnight New Year's Day. So while you're trying to keep your eyes open New Year's Eve come on over and enter.

Disclaimer: As always Thomas Nelson/Tommy Nelson Kids supplied me with a copy of the book to review and share with you.