Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School 2013

Back to school pictures were fun this year. Mikie always takes off on registration day to take the kids since I have to work. This year he wasn't off on the first true day of school so we decided to take pics on registration day. This was the only one he got. Mollie was mad at Maggie for telling her to let her help hold the sign and so she spit in Maggie's face. Mollie didn't like the punishment that came with it. This is proof for all of you who think our four act at home like they do in public, they don't.           
Registration Day

And then the next morning, I pulled out the tripod. After 4 practice shots I finally had us all in the frame, with arms and heads. A much better morning than the one before. 
1st true day of school

This week went to one of our favorite places Downtown Morristown and took more back to school pics. 

Still wearing those red boots!

Seven and half days of school down, beautiful weather for August and four excited kids anxious to see what the year holds.