Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2--- A Different Kind of Wednesday

Wednesday is always my favorite day. We got to eat supper, sing praises in choir and go to GA's. School was good. My locker is nice and much cleaner than my room. Today I got some new clothes. Then there was the stink bug that crawled up my leg. One of the boys squished it in a kleenex and gave it to the teacher. 

Wow, the child who never stops talking didn't even have a paragraph to say. My middle school experience is usually as exciting as hers. Today I went to school a red head, as opposed to yesterday's  blonde/brown who needs a salon visit soon. I washed it out 4 times and it's still really red. I knew there would be many comments. Middle schoolers don't mind to tell you what they think. I once had a student ask to go to her locker during class. She returned with a business card for her hair stylist. She thought I might want to call her.  I knew then I would never be able to wear my hair the way I wanted and get away with it. 

There were quiet a few comments. Even questioning, which I love.
"Mrs. Johnson, did you color your hair?'" 
"Mrs. Johnson, who did your hair? I don't want to go there."
"Mrs. Johnson, I love your hair. It looks like my moms."
And my favorite was the statement, "Mrs. Johnson, you COLORED your hair." Like I didn't know. 

Apparently it's "my color", at least according to most of my friends. I know they wouldn't just tell me that to keep from telling me how awful it really looks. 

Yesterday, furlough came to our house. He isn't welcomed, although, I'm trying to see it as a blessing. Mikie will be able to work on the farmhouse and we might get to move sooner than expected. I don't welcome him because while we will be okay, others won't. Mikie is  a little lost in his routine. 

As the day closes we pray and weep with the families of those involved in a horrible wreck on the interstate today. Our Pastor's opened the doors of the church for anyone who needed help, counseling, food, anything. They were at the scene, they counseled, they interviewed with the local news, they loved just as Jesus would. 

Last night I processed my five dollar hair color and yelled at Iron Man 3 at ten o'clock. Tonight is different. I only know the wife of the Pastor of the church the bus involved in the wreck was from, but I feel like I lost something today. My heart aches for those in the accident, those who rescued and counseled. Those that witnessed the accident and the love of Jesus Christ. 

While my hair will grow out or change color soon, the lives of many changed in an instant. Middle schoolers I don't even know have lost grandparents. Please remember them in your prayers tonight and in the days ahead. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days--Day 1 Some Things About Mattie

                                            Hi, I am Mattie and I am 11years old.
Back to School Pic

Over the next month, Mom and I are going to tell you about my days in middle school. The one thing I don't like is we have lockers. They are so aggravating some times, I just want to punch them. I don't have a favorite teacher, because they are all cool. My favorite subjects are social studies and language arts. My favorite school food is Big Daddy pizza. I also run cross country. I am a Christian. I'm on the Bible Drill Team at church and I'm a GA, Girl's Ambassador. I just found out yesterday that I made it into Beta Club. I really like middle school and I'm excited to share my story with you.  Mattie

I wanted Mattie to introduce herself today. She decided to only share a little about herself because she doesn't want to run out of things to say. She's like her Momma she never runs out of things to say. But nevertheless, it's the first day of 31 days of middle school life. I can't tease about tomorrow since it is her decision and she hasn't written it yet.  Come back and see what Mattie has to say about middle school life.