Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorites Friday--Cumberland Island National Seashore

On Wednesday I posted a pic that is one of my favorites. I took it at Cumberland Island National Seashore in October 2010. We were on our way to Florida for a training for Mikie's work. Maggie's birthday happened to fall on Saturday as we were traveling. She had asked to see wild horses on the beach and it was on our way.

We left on Friday right after school and drove to Brunswick, Georgia. We spent the night there at Embassy Suites which is our favorite hotel chain to stay at. On Saturday morning, we woke early to drive on down to St. Mary's, Georgia to board the ferry that would take us to the island.

Once on the island we took the tour with the park ranger, had lunch and then went out on the beach. The tour with the park ranger was well worth our morning. She told about the Carnegie family who once owned the island, about the visitors to the island and how it became a National Park.

We waited too late in the afternoon to see the horses on the beach, but we witnessed a tiff at lunch. Okay, we were in the middle of the excitement, with a horse heading straight toward Mollie. I was busy filming and Mikie was trying to protect lunch, so the kids were on their own. One group came to "mark" their territory at the crossroads and another group wasn't happy with their presence. They turned and went right between us. Amazing doesn't describe it.

We spent the afternoon walking out to the beach, passing horses and deer on their way inland, came across rattlesnakes, tickled armadillos, collected awesome seashells, checked out dead horseshoe crabs and jelly fish and got a little wet.

The ferry leaves out at 4:45 each afternoon and if you're not on it you will be sleeping in the great outdoors with all of the fore-mentioned wildlife. We were back at the dock promptly at 4:00 we were taking no chances.

We had a great adventure and of all the other things we did that week, including SeaWorld and Walt Disney's Halloween Party, this was by far the best day of our trip. Maggie enjoyed a great birthday and we have all yearned to go back and camp sometime. We just haven't had time to go yet.

If you ever get a chance to visit you will not be disappointed with Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Monday, June 25, 2012

From Blah to Awe--Giveaway for Teens

From Blah to Awe is a new book by Jenna Lucado Bishop written for teens. But I must say as a 35 year old, wife and mother of four I loved this book. It's a soul searching book that helps you to understand the difference between religion and faith and what your relationship with God needs to be like.

It's not a "feel good" book, it makes you take a hard look at your relationship with God in a way that you can understand. God loves and cherishes you and wants you to have an awesome relationship with Him.

Every teen girl needs to read this book!

You can read an excerpt by clicking here From Blah to Awe.

You can win a copy of this book for an important teen in your life by answering the following question in the comments section below by midnight June 30th.

What area of your faith, or your teen's faith if you're a parent, would you like to light a fire under?

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received a copy to review.

Another Giveaway--BEEhaving is B-E-S-T-- Hermie video

The month is almost over and I have 2 more Thomas Nelson products to giveaway. The first is a video for the younger crowd, up to about age eight. 

The Max Lucado Hermie videos teach great lessons. BEEhaving is B-E-S-T  includes two movies for a total of 60 minutes. 

The first is Buzby, the Misbehaving Bee, Buzby bothers everyone in the garden before he learns that rules are important. The second video is Buzby and the Grumblebees, now Buzby knows that following the rules is best, he is off to visit his niece and nephew. Buzby, with the help of Hermie and friends, teaches BeeBee and Buddy that behaving is the only way to fly.

These are great videos to use in teaching your children about following the rules. If you would like to win a copy for your kids leave a comment below answering the following question.

Do you reward your kids for doing the right thing or following the rules? If so, how?

Leave your comment by midnight, June 30th. One lucky winner will receive a copy of BEEhaving is B-E-S-T

Don't forget about the 2 book giveaways on my blog this month. Comment on them in order to enter to win.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the video to review and giveaway from Thomas Nelson.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favorites -- Journey Camp 2012

This week's Friday Favorites features the Tennessee Baptist Convention's Journey for Kids Camp. Lights, Camera, Action is this year's theme. Our family loves this camp. When I first started attending several years ago it was a week long camp. My children weren't old enough to attend but I helped chaperone the kids from our church. Over the years other activities have pulled kids away from Journey Camp.

Journey Camp focuses on our walk with Christ, with recreation, fun, food and fellowship thrown in. This year's group was smaller than in the past but the kids had a blast. They were able to do more recreation activities than in the past because it was three days long and the groups were smaller. 

On Monday, we checked in, ate a delicious lunch, went swimming in the brand new pool and went on a hike. I am NOT a hiker, so when someone gave me an umbrella, because it looked like rain, I thought, yes a walking stick. Well, let's just say I used it for an umbrella and still looked like I had been in the shower with my clothes on when I came off that mountain. 

Our second activity of the day was Silly Water Games, aka, the inflatable water slide. Then it was time for supper. I've been to camp before where I couldn't wait for the canteen to open so I could eat some decent food. Not at Journey Camp, the food is awesome. The camp staff apparently loves to cook and the food is always great.

After dinner we had worship and Bible study. There are several Bible study groups, the kids are split by age and the chaperones, this year known as "Paparazzi," have their own group. Mollie wasn't sure she wanted to go to Bible study, but once she met Mrs. Stacy she didn't want to leave. After Bible study the camp store was open again and then it was time for devotions, showers and bed. 

Tuesday, called for more afternoon storms so the schedule was changed around. Recreation became morning activities and missions, Bible study and worship were moved to afternoon times. Honestly, I loved the switch, although it didn't storm, we weren't out in the afternoon heat either. Although I had a little problem keeping my eyes open while the kids were swimming. Thank goodness for lifeguards. Outdoor team games became indoor team games and our other activity for the day we played Minute to Win It.

After worship Tuesday evening, the kids dressed up Hollywood style and each church group had their pictures made. Then we were in for a special treat, a night time swim. Let's just say, that water is cold, I'm a warm water, hot outside swimmer, so I never got in. I love the view of the mountain, it makes me think about all of God's blessings when I'm praising and worshipping Him there.

Praying for the Summer Travel Team

Wednesday brought more activities, creek walk, scavenger hunt and crafts. As well as missions, worship, Bible study and of course goodbyes. We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year.
Mrs. Linda and her camp staff does an awesome job with everything that they put together. The kids love getting to know the TBC Summer Travel Team, which is a group of college kids who give their summer to be missionaries throughout the state. They help with camp as well as VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs and many other projects where they are needed. 

Like I said earlier the group was smaller this year, so the kids and I got to know the camp staff and travel team better, which made it even harder to leave. This was Mollie's first experience at camp and once she warmed up she didn't want to leave. She made some great friends. We can't wait till next year to see many of them again.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night -- revisited

I originally posted this in May of 2011. I have been reminded lately just how God takes care of us and this reminds me of it too. Of course it's still funny and I have a doctor's appointment for my thyroid today, so time is short. 

Hope you enjoy!

Ok, so I really wanted to title this post "Oh, Hail!" but I wasn't sure that would go over well with some people. The more I've thought about the storms from last Wednesday evening and night, I want to put some memories down.

Before school that morning I had "informed" my children that Nana and I would be getting pedicures, shopping and having lunch for our Mother's Day gifts. I told them there would be no early pickups from school today, belly aches, head aches and just not feeling good wouldn't get them picked up. I would only pickup early if they were dying. I told Mollie's Parent's Day Out teacher basically the same thing I had told the kids.

Nana and I got our pedicures and were shopping when it started raining and the wind picked up. As we were running in TJ Maxx my cell phone rung. It was Kristi, Mollie's PDO teacher. She had drawn the short straw and had to make the call. "I hated to have to call," she said. I was thinking about just telling her to let her take her nap somewhere else, but as I was thinking, "Oh what a wonderful day," she told me school was letting out early because of the storms.

Nana and I grabbed lunch and went to pick up kids. By this time the sun was shining which I've since learned is not a good thing with wild and wacky weather. As the big storms came closer to town the kids and I debated whether we wanted to go to church. But Michael, being a 6 year old genius, told me, "We are safer at church, because we can hide in the back class room downstairs and God is there. He will protect us." You guessed it, we went to church.

Mikie had decided he was leaving work 30 minutes early to beat the storm, walked to his van and had to return to his office because of a tornado warning in the county where he works. At 5:10 he called to say he was leaving, an hour after he originally tried to leave. He barely made it out of the front gate when another tornado warning was issued.

Church activities were busy that night as usual and there was only heavy rain. We stood around and talked and finally got home about eight o'clock.

As Mikie went out to bring Maximus from his outdoor kennel to the basement I heard a tornado warning had just been issued for our county. I quietly and peacefully told the children to go to the basement. Oh, okay I can't lie, they were upstairs, I was on the main level and I panicked. "Everybody downstairs, go to the basement now. I don't care that you're peeing. Finish in the basement. GO, GO, GO NOW!!!!"

 I've always aggravated my Mother (Nana) that it is her fault I'm terrified of storms. The last tornado that went through our little hometown was 34 years ago. She was pregnant with me and working at the White Way. The manager didn't know a tornado was coming through town and told her to hold the front door shut cause the wind was blowing everything in the store. Needless to say when she finally decided she couldn't hold the door shut and took off to the back of the store they realized what was going on. So I'm sure there is some inter-womb caused fear of storms there. Which one day I will think to ask my friend Kristel if that is possible.

Back to Wednesday night, as we went down the steps, I turned them around and sent them for flashlights while I informed Mikie who was now standing in the backyard looking up at the sky what was going on. One of these days the inevitable will happen he will become a lightening rod. I've heard we have other friends who may join him in this same demise.

As Mattie cried uncontrollably about her friends who didn't have basements, lived in apartments and the trailer park, about the cat who was afraid of the dog in the basement and chose to stay upstairs, and the bunny in the cage upstairs that I wouldn't bring to the basement because of the dog, Maggie and Michael discussed what they would do if Momma and Daddy died. This whole conversation was taking place in a very small bathroom which contains a toliet and vanity and at that time, 3 small lawn chairs, 4 very upset kids, one sitting on top of the toliet and a great dane. I shut the door and went outside with their Daddy.

As the first hail storm began, I went to the hallway outside the bathroom and sat down. Michael was deep in conversation with Maggie.

"If Momma and Daddy get killed I'll shoot myself with my new bow and arrow. I can't live without my Momma and Daddy." Me, "Michael your new arrows barely go through the target all you will do is hurt yourself." Him, "Then I'll get out my BB gun and shoot until I die." As much as I appreciate his dying love for me and his Daddy I couldn't help but laugh. Mikie broke up the woe is me and made them go to the sliding door to watch the hail storm. Once it stopped they had fun playing with it. And of course hollering "Oh Hail!"

This whole event occurred within 15 minutes of getting home from church and the power went out in the process. We spent the night in the basement, sat in the bathroom several more times, one included Mikie when he saw a cloud he didn't like the shape of over the lake. At 4:30 the next morning when Mikie got up to go to work we all went to our own beds. School had been canceled and we slept for a few more hours. Once we got up I surveyed the damage, which fortunately wasn't too bad, considering our neighbors got much worse. Pictures on the news and Facebook showed the damage to our friends homes and cars and to our little hometown were an F1 had passed through tearing up the high school and lots of homes, which started in that cloud Mikie didn't like over the lake.

As the kids and I spent the day doing basically nothing cause we were mentally and emotionally exhausted I thought about how God has blessed us. I don't know why He continually blesses my family. We aren't anything special, we just try our best to follow His will and do what He tells us to do. I pray for those families in my hometown and other counties close by that have damage and have lost loved ones. I can't understand why the Lord lets things like this happen. But I've realized it's not for me to understand or comprehend. Only to trust to Him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday--Summer Bucket List

Giveaway--The Beauty Book

Last month I gave away the fiction book Here's Lily. This month I am excited to offer the nonfiction companion book The Beauty Book. It is geared toward the 7-11 age group and is full of information about hair, clothing, skin care and more. The most important thing girls will learn from this book is that their confidence in God should be first and foremost.

My eight year old has enjoyed reading Here's Lily. She isn't so much into beauty things yet, but my ten year old is. We have been working through the book and answering the questions.

I have one copy of the The Beauty Book (click this link to read a little of it) to give away this month.

Leave me a comment/answer to the following question in the comments below and you will be registered to win.

How do you apply God's definition of beauty with your daughter's in today's world?

You have until midnight, June 30th to enter. Good luck!

Disclaimer: As always Tommy Nelson kids provided me with a copy of The Beauty Book to review. I receive no compensation other than the book.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to 5 Amazing Men

I wish I had one picture of the five amazing Father's in my life to head this post with, but alas it won't happen, at least not this year.

I grew up celebrating Father's Day with my Daddy and three Grandfathers and for several years one of my Great-Grandfathers. It was indeed just another day, we saw my Grandfathers regularly and Daddy made me breakfast every single morning for almost 18 years of my life so he was always there for me.
Fast forward a few years, all three Grandfathers passed away within a few years of each other. The last one passed away two days after our wedding. He, Daddy's Dad, promised on Thursday that he would hold on until after the wedding because we didn't need any more stress.

Mikie and I have been married 14 years and have four kids, (in case you're new to the blog). Mikie is a practical joker and likes to in some people's words, "torment" them.

Mikie is an awesome Daddy, my favorite photo of him and the kids is in an album on the bookcase. I guess I should scan it and share it sometime.
Mikie's all about being goofy.

But anyway, Mikie changed diapers, waited patiently in odd places while I nursed when the kids where little. Now he drops them at activities, helps in Royal Ambassadors, holds the puke bucket and takes them to the doctor when their sick. There are many days that we, especially me, take him for granted. Then there are days, like during deployments, that we realize just what he means to us and does for us.

Mikie is teaching our kids to love and to follow the Lord and teaching Michael how to be a Christian man, husband and father.

Michael, Mikie and Paw Mike enjoying the rodeo!

Because of Mikie I have two Father-in-Laws. They are both amazing Grandfathers to my children.

Paw is Mikie's Daddy and drops everything to help his grandbabies, and their parents, when they need them.

Paw is a contractor and hopes that one of these days Mikie and Michael will take over his business so he can retire.

Papaw Larry married Grammy in 2002 after Mattie and Cousin Max where born. He is retired and the kids love swimming with him. Papaw is also a Lay-Speaker at his church and the kids think it's awesome, that he preaches. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Papaw Larry. Guess what I'll do today when we see him.

The fourth Daddy we celebrate on Father's Day is my brother, also know as Uncle Buddy. I am so proud of Buddy and his wife Melissa. God has given them an awesome calling in life. They are foster parents. Several children have called Buddy and Melissa daddy and momma over the last few years. They currently have two preschool aged boys who have been with them for two years. The boys are adorable and have some issues from their birth home. Buddy is a substitute teacher at the local elementary school, which allows him to be home with the boys when he needs to be. Melissa is a nurse and the boys attend day care but for these boys they need the stability of knowing Daddy can be there when they need him.

Now for the most important Daddy in my life, MINE! My parents have been married 45 years as of June 10th. I believe that is one of the biggest accomplishments anyone can have. So many couples don't make it that far. Daddy has always been here for me. He "flew" in Buddy's words across the railroad tracks when the grocery store where I worked called and told him I was having chest pains in college. He worked odd jobs on many occasions when the plant shut down or he was laid off to make sure we ate.

My Parents
We ate pounds, yes pounds of bacon at Shoney's to celebrate my high school graduation. They even forbid us from getting more. He grounded me when I needed it, helped me to see that some friends weren't really friends and walked me down the aisle.

He took care of his mother during her many illnesses and battle with various cancers from the time he was in high school and for 22 years after until her death at age 60. He cared for his step-dad, dad and step-mom and both of my Mom's parents when they were ill. He takes care of my babies when they are sick on his day off each week.

He drives me absolutely insane most of the time, but I wouldn't trade him for any other Daddy in the world. He has given me so many things throughout life, the ability to constantly talk, be stubborn, express my opinions even when I shouldn't, and drive other people I'm with absolutely insane. He taught me to cook, tried to teach me to drive (remember stubborn), and cried when I graduated from colleg.

I could go on and on for days about my Daddy but lengthy posts don't do well. So from me to you Daddy, I love you and Happy Father's Day!

(Disclaimer: Before Mom thinks I don't love her as much as Daddy, well I do. I was just really busy that week preparing a reception for a special couple's wedding and let Mother's Day blogging slip by. I'll tell you about my Mom soon.)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Favorites-- Golf Camp

Waiting for the tournament to start.
Yes, I have been away from the blog for several days. The kids love summer break because it's camp season, which is what we have been up to the last two weeks.

This week's Friday's Favorites features Michael's week of golf camp at Ruggles Ferry Golf. Michael attended camp last year and loved it. This year he thinks was even better.

Putting practice
He has two sets of clubs that were given to him by his high school aged friend, Caleb, who happens to be on the high school golf team.

Camp lasted three days, and they played a three hole tournament on the last day. They learned fundamentals, Michaels favorite part is the tournament.

I love golf camp because we have to drive within 15 minutes of the "big" city. Each day the girls and I went shopping, except for tournament day when the girls decided they wanted to stay and caddy.

Some of the other teams weren't as excited about Michael's group having caddies. But that's what happens when you have great sisters who want to help.

Michael isn't what I consider to be your typical golfer. He doesn't dress the part, he isn't there to impress, and he talks to Coach Lauren even when he is supposed to be quiet.

Golf is great for Michael because he can hang out with other boys his age, learn a good sport, and he is doing something that his sisters aren't. Although Maggie wants to sign up for camp in July. He was invited to attend semi-private lessons this summer and he thinks that is "totally awesome."

While Michael came in fourth place this year, (last year he was second), he was still excited to have gotten to participate.

If you are looking for a good golf camp, there are still a few weeks in July that you can sign up for. Just contact Ruggles Ferry.

Stay tuned for the next Friday's Favorites about where we went to camp this week, Journey Camp.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Tank Road Trip -- Thanks to Kenzie and Mark

During the summer we often take day trips, a couple of camping trips and every few years a week long vacation. Last weekend we were invited to the Inman/Riden wedding down in Etowah.

Now we could have left in the afternoon, dressed and ready to walk in the door of the church for the wedding, but you know me, I'm always looking for a reason to shop. We left around ten Friday morning, stopped at Weigel's for our drinks for the road, two ICEE's , two soft drinks and a grape juice. Yes, just five of us in the car. Mikie was at work.

Our next stop was Turkey Creek Public Market, where we purchased way to many woodworking books for Mikie. We try to always find him something when we shop , it's a guilt thing. Then we were off to Old Navy and Target at Turkey Creek, for swimsuits.

Back on the road we went south on I-75, grabbed lunch at McDonald's, thanks to my Secret Pal from church and her last gift card. By three we pulled into the Comfort Inn in Athens. This picture was actually as we were checking out on Saturday morning. It was pouring rain when we arrived.

Once checked in, the beds bounced on, clothes hung up and the bathroom broken in, we were off to the pool. We had a little over an hour to swim and enjoy the waterslide. There was no one else in the pool which makes it even better. Although, Maggie had a hard time with the shark on the bottom of the pool. It really bothered her when she dove to the bottom and saw it.

We hit the road to Etowah, met Mikie, and arrived at the church in time to enjoy the beautiful music. I wish we had been a little earlier, I love listening to the music and missed the first half hour of it.

The wedding was beautiful, as was expected. We sat in the balcony with Mikie's sister and her family. Everyone was well behaved, no one blurted out during the ceremony, no gas was passed, and only Michael and cousin Max shook hysterically when someone's cell phone rang some Duke's of Hazard sound.

After the wedding we were off to Springbrook Golf and Country Club for the reception. Mikie's original plan was to head back home that night, since he had to work on Saturday morning. He changed his mind and decided to stay at the hotel, get up at 4:30 and go to work. The kids and I had secretly hoped he would go home, so we could stay at the reception longer.

I love this picture and had to include it. I took this as we went out the door to the wedding. Mollie hates dresses. Kenzie told her she needed to wear a dress to her wedding. Maggie's best friend, Kellie, was with us when we found this one. Kellie made such a big deal about how she would wear it, Mollie decided it would do. I'm not one to argue over what they are wearing. If they are dressed we are good to go. I encouraged Mollie to wear the pretty silver sandals Maggie had picked out for her. She would have no part of "pretty" shoes. She found the ones that are under her feet in the pic at Target that morning. I love them even if they don't match her dress. She also informed me, "tomboys don't wear heals, momma." She doesn't like for people to tell her she is pretty, cute or sweet. So you've been warned.

Saturday morning we enjoyed waffles, biscuits and gravy and eggs at the hotel complimentary breakfast. The pool was available for two more hours and then we checked out.

Now here are the things that really make this a one tank trip. We could have done all of our Friday shopping and Saturday's activities in one day without spending the night.

Once checked out we headed to Mayfield Dairy. We took the tour which starts at the top of the hour. The tour is free. The current tour includes production of milk jugs, chugs, and during the school year cartons. The next part of the tour we viewed the bottling process. We watched a video about the ice cream process. They are currently adding on to the ice cream production area and that part of the tour will be opened in March of 2013.

Maggie and her 14 foot friend, Maggie the Jersey Cow

The highlight of the Mayfield tour came afterwards when we visited the ice cream bar. They offer their original, best sellers and several other only bought there flavors in cones and cups. We enjoyed lunch at Mayfield Dairy.

During corn maze season you can visit the Mayfield Farm and Nursery, just out the road from the dairy.

Once we hit Highway 411 in Etowah we stopped downtown at the Sundry stores, checked out the car show at the L & N Depot and Museum. We had planned on visiting the museum but chose not to this trip because of the car show. We drove south on Highway 411 to see what was around and saw a glider being taken up at the Chilhowee Gliderport.

Heading back up north, we stopped at several more Sundry stores. This time we got Mikie a $90.00 Coleman sleeping bag for $33.00. That was our best find this trip. If you don't know what a Sundry store is it is basically a salvage or junk store. Most of the items at these Sundry stores are brand new, some have been returned to their original store and then sold through pallet sales by that store to the Sundry store.

One of the stores downtown, sorry I can't remember the name, but it was all Target items. That's where we got the sleeping bag. They had loads of Target clothing, house goods, etc. Last summer when we visited one of the stores we picked up inline skates with a regular price of more than $60 for $8.00 each. Mikie loves buying tools there too. It's hit and miss as to what they have but we love the hunt of a good bargain.

By the time we finished the last store, everyone was hungry, thirsty and sleepy so we will have to go back to visit Sweetwater Valley Farm for cheese. We had a snack, drink and the kids napped as I drove up 411 to Maryville, over to Alcoa and on to Food City back in town where I filled the tank.

Once I wrote it all down it's probably not as exciting as I led you to believe it was, but we had a great time, got a few great deals and spent lots of time talking and singing together. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that we received a cd of Kenzie and Mark's favorite love songs at the reception, which we listened to at least three times on the trip home.

If you've got a day to waste, a little cash to spend and want to do something new head to Highway 411 and see what you can get yourself into.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Here's Lily--Book Giveaway

Another awesome book from Tommy Nelson to giveaway this weekend.

If you know anything about my kids you know Maggie loves to read. The other three, well maybe if it's raining outside and the power is out and all the games are put away.

So when Here's Lily the first in a series came in the mail, she was very excited to get it read.

Maggie tells me, "It's about a girl and of course her name is Lily, Mom. A women comes to school and gives Lily a makeover and she decides to be a model. Well Mom you have to read the book to find out what happens in the end!"

I asked, "Maggie would you recommend this book to your friends?"
"YES, this is a fun book to read and you learn lots of things too," she said.

Thanks Maggie for the interview, guess I'll be reading Here's Lily for my book of the week.

I know you want to read Here's Lily with your daughter. It's written for the 4-7 age group and it's companion nonfiction book is also available to purchase through Tommy Nelson called The Beauty Book.

Comment on the question below to win your own copy of Here's Lily. Contest ends at midnight, Sunday, June 3rd.

How do you apply God’s definition of beauty with your daughter’s in today’s world? 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book to review and give my opinion about and Tommy Nelson will mail the winner a copy too!

Swipe - Book Giveaway

Today's Tommy Nelson Kids giveaway is a book for Tweens and Teens titled SWIPE. I will admit I haven't had time to read this book. I have looked at the trailer and it looks very much like a teen version of the adult Left Behind Series.

Logan's 13th birthday is just around the corner. The world is different post-apocalyptic and everyone is having to get the "Mark." The mark is a tattoo that when swiped tells everything about you. Logan has an eery feeling he is being watched and isn't sure he wants the mark. His sister never came back from getting hers. Logan and his friends set out to find the truth about the mark.

My middle school friend Greta has read it and says she would recommend it to her friends. She is also excited for the new book to come out this fall. 

Here is a link to the flipbook for Swipe. It will allow you to read the first few pages.

Would you like to get this book in the hands of your teen? I think it would be a great parent/child read together. If you've never done that you should. You both read the same chapters each day and then discuss what you've read and how it affects you, in this case your faith. 

To enter to win answer the following question in the comment below. You have until midnight, Sunday, June 3rd. 

How do encourage your children to become free-thinkers and discover their faith on their own while still protecting them within your home?

Disclaimer: Remember I am not paid for my reviews but I am given copies to review and share with you!