Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fall Break--Brandcation--Just What Momma Needs!

I came across this awesome website the other day, Mom Dot. I was perusing when I saw a post titled Win a ticket and lodging to Brandcation. As I scrolled down and saw this picture I thought, "I would love to vacation there."

As I read on I realized that those mountains are my mountains. Okay not exactly mine, but there the ones I see everyday, the Great Smoky Mountains. The more I read the more excited I became. There is a bloggers weekend close by.

I did pay attention to the first sentence that said, "we sold out." So the only way I will be able to attend is to win.

Why do I want to attend Brandcation? Well, I've been blogging for awhile and want to take my blog to the next level. I'm a people person, I love to meet new people. I'm a talker and I love to tell others about all the cool things I do.

Why would Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area be a great bloggers weekend for me? It's close by, I don't have to feel super guilty for leaving my husband with four kids for a few days. We visit the area regularly but haven't been to many of the attractions there. We shop at the outlets and camp and go to Dollywood, which is on the agenda. Would having a Dollywood pass already help me win?

Another great reason for me to attend is to pass the word to locals about all the great attractions we are missing out on. Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/ Sevierville area needs an awesome blogger to tell the world all about it too. I would be a great spokesperson for the area.

The other reason I would like to go is by the first weekend in October, I'm going to need a break. A fall break in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. I would love to take that break and meet 33 outstanding bloggers, who I could learn from, spend time with, and maybe even make some new best friends.

Attending this Brandcation would help me make my blog a bigger presence on the World Wide Web, help me spread the word about everything Sevier County has to offer, give me a chance to make new friends, and give me a fall break I won't soon forget.

I would like to say thanks to Mom Dot,  Minnesota Blogger Life with Levi, and Toni at Just Stop Screaming for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and helping one lucky blogger with the cost of their ticket, lodging and expenses.

I would LOVE to be that lucky blogger, so alas good luck to all those who enter, and may the right one be chosen. I hope it's me!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! They would be very fortunate to have you attend :) Stephanie B.

Anonymous said...

Hope you win!!! You do an awesome job with your four children!!! And being local you would be awesome blogging about the Great Smokey Mountains!!

Wendy said...

Sounds like just the kind of thing you need to be part of! Sure hope you win.

mommyto4mjs said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone. The entry deadline is Friday so I have a few days to wait but I'll let you when I find out who wins.