Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazing Adventures in the Arts--Tennessee Arts Academy

It has been an amazing two days here in Nashville. Monday was band day. We attended a wonderful concert by the 129th Army Band. They rocked the house with their rendition of Ray Charles America the Beautiful. During muses we heard from Ret. Colonel Lowell Graham. The stories he told of leading the U.S. Air Force Band made me want to sign up to play an instrument in the band. Of course basic training stops me. Oh wait an Air Force Guardsmen and our four children would stop me before I ever got to basic. If you don't know why this band is so important they are the band you hear when the President enters. They perform all over the world for the leaders of other countries. They are the elite band. We also toured the Belmont Mansion. I thought Tuesday was drama/comedy day but it wasn't. It was visual arts day. Harold Gregor shared his life in his art with us. He is an amazing artist and quite the comedian. At 83 years of age he may not understand some of the things that young people like today but he could teach them a craft if you will that would exceed what we can do digitally. I've learned several new things I want to use at school and found a great song that I know the church choir could rock in that new sanctuary come September. I also sang in the chorale today. It's been along time since I sang with a group of people of that caliber (their all vocal teachers). Katie, one of the art teachers I work with and I visited the Green Hills area the last two nights. We also found a great little Mexican place for dinner, we've only ate two of our three meals out there. Tonight we found the teacher store which has a large selection of music and art items. I wish I could post some links but on the iPad it's harder than my laptop. So I apologize for the plain ole posts this week. Tomorrow is drama day. It's also the banquet where they present some great awards. I won't tell you who is being honored but he wrote music that was in Iron Man 2. To bad Robert Downey Jr won't be here. :) I'll try to post all about it tomorrow.

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