Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Photo Fun

I've not taken my Canon T2i camera with me this summer when we have traveled. I've just used my iPhone for pictures. Wendy and I still have several weddings to photograph this year and I want to give it and my back a break. These are some of my favorite everyday shots from my iPhone that the kids and I really like. What are you using for summer photography?

Looked for this baby for days to take to Washington D.C. found the day we got back.
I'll post the D.C. trip a little later.  

Me and my Daddy--Father's Day!

Julia's wedding and the only one here that I did use my Canon for.
 I've know Julia since she was little and she was one of my first piano students.
 You can check out Wendy Ivens Photography here for all your photography needs.

We bought a selfie stick in Nashvegas! We were there for the National Beta Convention.

Nashville Downtown

You got to practice.

Love how they work together to figure out the pattern of the subway tile I wanted for the parlor fireplace.
Find out more about our farmhouse remodel here.

This girl celebrated her 9th birthday with ramen noodles for breakfast in bed.
Yes, it's a number four, all the other candles have moved already. 

Sisters! They look so grown up.

A wedding I got to attend and not work. It was held at the beautiful Storybrook Farm.
Can't believe I got him to take a picture.

Our good friends and awesome teachers.  Becky has taught the three youngest.
 Josh had Mattie last year and will eventually have the other three. Many wishes for Happy EverAfter. 

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