Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tennessee Weekend of Prayer--August 1st and 2nd

As our students head back to school, Governor Haslam has declared the first weekend in August to be Weekend of Prayer Over Students. I have organized a Facebook page, Weekend of Prayer for our county schools. Please join us no matter where your school is and pray this weekend.

For those that will be prayer walking, I have used several sources to create a list of things to pray for as well as a prayer that you can use. I'm not very good with inserting documents so I think the easiest way will be to either read it from your mobile device or copy and paste it into a Word document and print. If you need, I can email it to you, just comment below with your email address. You can also find it on the Facebook page here Weekend of Prayer.

Thank you for putting our schools first this weekend. Of course these are great ideas to pray everyday for our schools.

Suggested Prayers:

For Students:
*Their Faith--That every student will come to know Christ, early and deeply and discover his/her value in Christ, his/her particular function in the body of Chris and most of all, develop a passionate love for the Lord and others.
*John 13:34
*Their Worth--That our students know they are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. Ephesians 2:10
*Students will be respectful, kind and courteous to teachers, staff and peers.
*A desire to learn and disciplined in preparation (be on time, homework completed, etc.)
*Godly wisdom
*Spiritual guidance and direction of each student. 
*Friendships and connections
*Hedge of protection from:
*peer pressure
*bullying, fighting, unrest
*drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, pornography
*gossip and misunderstandings
*emotional issues

For Teachers and Administration:
*Unity within the staff.
*Confidence in teaching, knowledge, leadership skills and wisdom.
*Godly wisdom and humility. 
*Passion to light the path of their class.  “Show me your ways, O Lord, Teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me for you are God, my Savior.” Psalm 25:4-5
*A heart of prayer for their students.
*A hedge of protection for health and faith, for their marriage and family.
*Relief from excessive stress and patience. 

For Families:
*Families in this neighborhood.
*Financial wisdom
*Peace and joy in parenting
*Parent involvement at school.
*Family time with God.
Prayer for Our School

Lord God, we thank you for the opportunity to begin the 2015-2016 school year, and we ask that you bless the faculty, the students and families of __________ (your school). We pray that you will guide us in all ways and that we will seek your will in everyting that we do.

As we walk around the grounds of __________school, Lord, may you bless the land and put a hedge of protection around it. Bless this school and all who pass through its halls of learning. May its teachers be filled with love and skilled in imparting true knowledge. May its students be open-minded and their learning full of joy and eagerness. May this school always be a safe, fun, loving place for these children. A school of wisdom, truth and good will toward all, helping to build up our community and your kindom of justice, love and peace. 

Lord, bless and protect the children of _____________school. Thank you for the gift of our children. They are precious in Your sight, for You were once a child. You know the many temptations and peer pressures that come to our young people everyday. Shield them O Lord and guide them. Help them find godly friends who will support, encourage and uphold them to Christian faith. 

Bless our teachers with true wisdom and may they teach not only academic instructions, but proper morals and love of God and higher authority. As they open their mouths to relay knowledge and wisdom, may their words be filled with inspiration and encouragement, that our students will be strenghtened to use their knowledge in developing their talents and abiliteis to make a difference for the betterment of this world. 

Show us parents, teachers and students a special measure of Your grace, lead us in the right paths. Help us not to lean in our own undestanding, but in all our ways, may we acknowledge You. Give us all true wisdom which finds it joy in You. Dear Lord, as our Teacher, help us to remember that you are the beginning of wisdom. May there be more prayerful parents, teachers and students who will stand up for You. May we cling to the truth and may our lights shine so brightly that the world of learning may be reminded that knowledge is fleeting, but Godly wisdom is eternal.

Thank you, O Lord of wisdom, our Sovereign and Mighty God, who shows us the Way, The Truth and the Life through Jesus Christ, Our Savior. Continue to teach us our ways, bless our growth in grace and give us deeper understanding of Your good and gracious will. To the Greatest Teacher who ever lived, Our Savior and Friend Jesus, may Your will be done according to your promises. Amen.

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