Friday, June 1, 2012

Swipe - Book Giveaway

Today's Tommy Nelson Kids giveaway is a book for Tweens and Teens titled SWIPE. I will admit I haven't had time to read this book. I have looked at the trailer and it looks very much like a teen version of the adult Left Behind Series.

Logan's 13th birthday is just around the corner. The world is different post-apocalyptic and everyone is having to get the "Mark." The mark is a tattoo that when swiped tells everything about you. Logan has an eery feeling he is being watched and isn't sure he wants the mark. His sister never came back from getting hers. Logan and his friends set out to find the truth about the mark.

My middle school friend Greta has read it and says she would recommend it to her friends. She is also excited for the new book to come out this fall. 

Here is a link to the flipbook for Swipe. It will allow you to read the first few pages.

Would you like to get this book in the hands of your teen? I think it would be a great parent/child read together. If you've never done that you should. You both read the same chapters each day and then discuss what you've read and how it affects you, in this case your faith. 

To enter to win answer the following question in the comment below. You have until midnight, Sunday, June 3rd. 

How do encourage your children to become free-thinkers and discover their faith on their own while still protecting them within your home?

Disclaimer: Remember I am not paid for my reviews but I am given copies to review and share with you!

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