Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hermie--God Listens When I Pray--Giveaway

Young readers often have trouble understanding what they are reading. They also have trouble understanding how God works in their lives. Max Lucado's, Hermie: God Listens When I Pray  is a great book to help them understand how God listens when we pray.

As the Mom of 4, I often forget that they all aren't on the same playing field in their walk with God. While we pray every morning on the way to school, and now during summer break at breakfast, they all pray for different things and people. Depending on which child is praying determines what and who they are praying for. 

Mollie who is 5 always prays for the dogs, ours and the neighbors, which then leads to the neighbors being prayed for too. Mattie usually prays for each of us and our day. Maggie typically prays for friends, classmates, family and other needs she has heard of. Michael always prays for safety, particularly when it's dark and rainy. Mikie and I pray for them as we put them to bed. 

No matter which child is praying, God is always listening. This book helps children learn more about praying. Encourage your children to read and pray with this book.

Want one of your own? Leave a comment below and tell me about your prayer routine. It's okay if you don't have a routine, we have really just started ours the last few months. 

Don't forget to leave your comment by midnight, Thursday, May 31st. I will use to choose a winner. 

Disclaimer: Thomas Nelson sent me this book to review and allows me to give one away. 


coleycoupons said...

we pray at bedtime.. and by we i mean i pray over my sweet 19 mo

mommyto4mjs said...

Aww, and won't it be long till you are praying together, they grow so fast.

Thanks for your comment!

mommyto4mjs said...

Congratulations coleycoupons, you won! :)
Please email me your name and mailing address to

mommyto4mjs (at) aol (dot) com

and Tommy Nelson will send Hermie your way!