Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favorites -- Journey Camp 2012

This week's Friday Favorites features the Tennessee Baptist Convention's Journey for Kids Camp. Lights, Camera, Action is this year's theme. Our family loves this camp. When I first started attending several years ago it was a week long camp. My children weren't old enough to attend but I helped chaperone the kids from our church. Over the years other activities have pulled kids away from Journey Camp.

Journey Camp focuses on our walk with Christ, with recreation, fun, food and fellowship thrown in. This year's group was smaller than in the past but the kids had a blast. They were able to do more recreation activities than in the past because it was three days long and the groups were smaller. 

On Monday, we checked in, ate a delicious lunch, went swimming in the brand new pool and went on a hike. I am NOT a hiker, so when someone gave me an umbrella, because it looked like rain, I thought, yes a walking stick. Well, let's just say I used it for an umbrella and still looked like I had been in the shower with my clothes on when I came off that mountain. 

Our second activity of the day was Silly Water Games, aka, the inflatable water slide. Then it was time for supper. I've been to camp before where I couldn't wait for the canteen to open so I could eat some decent food. Not at Journey Camp, the food is awesome. The camp staff apparently loves to cook and the food is always great.

After dinner we had worship and Bible study. There are several Bible study groups, the kids are split by age and the chaperones, this year known as "Paparazzi," have their own group. Mollie wasn't sure she wanted to go to Bible study, but once she met Mrs. Stacy she didn't want to leave. After Bible study the camp store was open again and then it was time for devotions, showers and bed. 

Tuesday, called for more afternoon storms so the schedule was changed around. Recreation became morning activities and missions, Bible study and worship were moved to afternoon times. Honestly, I loved the switch, although it didn't storm, we weren't out in the afternoon heat either. Although I had a little problem keeping my eyes open while the kids were swimming. Thank goodness for lifeguards. Outdoor team games became indoor team games and our other activity for the day we played Minute to Win It.

After worship Tuesday evening, the kids dressed up Hollywood style and each church group had their pictures made. Then we were in for a special treat, a night time swim. Let's just say, that water is cold, I'm a warm water, hot outside swimmer, so I never got in. I love the view of the mountain, it makes me think about all of God's blessings when I'm praising and worshipping Him there.

Praying for the Summer Travel Team

Wednesday brought more activities, creek walk, scavenger hunt and crafts. As well as missions, worship, Bible study and of course goodbyes. We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year.
Mrs. Linda and her camp staff does an awesome job with everything that they put together. The kids love getting to know the TBC Summer Travel Team, which is a group of college kids who give their summer to be missionaries throughout the state. They help with camp as well as VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs and many other projects where they are needed. 

Like I said earlier the group was smaller this year, so the kids and I got to know the camp staff and travel team better, which made it even harder to leave. This was Mollie's first experience at camp and once she warmed up she didn't want to leave. She made some great friends. We can't wait till next year to see many of them again.

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