Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in Review -- April 22-28

As part of our daily post, Sunday will bring the "Week in Review" for a lack of a better title. This has been TCAP week at school and to be honest we are so worn out that we haven't done anything really exciting this week.

I finally broke down and bought a DSLR camera. A refurbished Canon 2ti. I am now looking for a cute, one of a kind camera bag to carry it in.

There have been several funny quotes from the week but Michael gets credit for the most memorable.

Michael, "Oh man, my zipper is unzipped."
Me, "Well zip it before you get out of the car and your barn animals get out."
Michael, "They've all escaped already, cept the chickens. All I got left is two eggs."

He is so funny and quick witted. He comes up with a lot of good ones. On Thursday he got his nose busted by another little boy over the ball bag at Extended School Program (ESP, after-school care). I threatened to get him one of those signs that says "______ number of days accident free." He was currently on eight, now he is back down to three.

Saturday the plan was to meet my four children from other mothers at one of our favorite places and spend the day. You will read more about the place in a few weeks, I don't want to give away why we were there quite yet.

We had a great time minus the boys, one of whom was competing in the State Bible Drill Competition and Michael who had gotten into trouble and wasn't allowed to go. This is his sad, "I do it cause I ain't got no brother," face.

We had a great time without the boys and even got to meet a new boy, actually he is someone's special someone.

Last evening, the Young Women's Mission group hosted the second annual, "Go Ye Therefore" Banquet. The banquet serves to raise money to provide scholarships for members of our church who are going on mission trips. The girls did an awesome job as was expected.

Below are some pics from our fun Saturday, as well as, from my new camera. Hope you enjoy.

What did you do last week, anything exciting. Let me know and enjoy this coming week!

Caught holding hands. Young Love!

Mollie loves piggy back rides.

Let's climb the ramp and see what town looks like from up there.

Program at each place setting
Go Ye Therefore Banquet

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