Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little More Active

This week I've decided I am going to be a lot more active with this blog. I have written a business plan, bought my domain name, imported everything to WordPress and am trying to figure out how to link it all to my own website. The WordPress site is the same for the time being as the site you are reading. I'm going to ask you to please be patient with me as I do all of this. While I'm setting it all up though I will still be blogging here at blogspot.

I have established a calendar for blogging that will be fully implemented by June 1st. It involves all of the kids and will mean that one of the five of us will be posting everyday except Saturdays. There will still be giveaways and other miscellaneous post too.

We would like your input into what you would like to see posted, as well as a little info about our readers. Yes, we personally know most of you, but would like to expand our readership.

Would you be so kind as to leave a comment below with the following information:

Age Range (20-29 etc...); Marital Status; Number of children; Why you read my blog; and suggestions if you have any.

As a thank you for answering my questions and following my blog, I will be giving away a $15.00 gift card to Cracker Barrel to one lucky reader. Please leave your comments by midnight May 15th. You can earn more entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter and subscribing by email. Click on the links to the right then leave me a comment that you do or did these things.


Melanie C. said...

I am 40 years old, married, and have 2 awesome little boys (but you already know this) LOL!! I read your blog because I love your family and the crazy stuff that goes on. The things the kids come up with are hilarious!!

Wendy said...

I read because reading about you and your family is the only thing that makes me feel normal about my own! lol! I love knowing that there are still loving, nurturing Christian mothers in the world. Thanks for bringing those precious babies of yours into my life and for taking time to write this blog and make all of us smile. I love all of you. (I am in the over the hill age range.)

mommyto4mjs said...

thanks girls for leaving your comments. I'm glad you both are my friends, and mean so much to our family too!

Jeannie said...

I am 42 and a single parent to a 17year old. I love reading your blog. You some how find time to do things either for your family or someone else. I try to help people,but you really inspire me to never give up no matter how hard it seems or gets. The insites from you family life and religious life are so amazing to me. It has been a hard road for my daughter, but one thing I have always told her is never give up your Faith in the Lord. If you can't find the answer you have a straight line to him. I love you,your family,and your blog.

mommyto4mjs said...

Congrats Wendy you are the winner of the gift card to Cracker Barrel. Can you send me your contact info? LOL

mommyto4mjs said...

Thanks to all you gals who left comments. Watch for some big changes coming up over the next few weeks.