Saturday, September 29, 2012

Won't You Help Me--Have Compassion

This week's post for Compassion is to write a letter from the view point of a sponsored child. Honestly I'm afraid I won't do this assignment justice but I will try. As of the writing of this post only 266 children need to be sponsored before the end of Sunday to meet the goal of 3,108.

We have sponsored a little boy named Raul from Dominic Republic in honor of Mollie's little friend with the same name. It happens that our sponsored child shares my birthday. I hope the following letter will convince you to go here Compassion and sponsor a child.

My name is Michelle. Thank you for being my sponsor. I liked the letter and picture you sent me. My parents don't live together anymore. They are divorced. I live with my Mom and siblings. My Mom works as a housekeeper when she can find a job. She doesn't make very much money. We live on about $150.00 a month. Although I'm not very old, I run the errands for my Mom. She trust me and she loves me.

 Our house is made of wood walls and roof and concrete floors. We do not have running water or electricity. We get our water from the local watering source and carry it home. We use it to drink, cook with and take baths. The weather is hot all year round. We get a lot of rain.

My favorite foods are bananas, chicken, plantains and rice. I like to play with my baby doll it's the only toy I have. She's pretty dirty and her hair is missing, but I love her so much. Sometimes I play ball with the other kids in town. I like to go to school. I couldn't go to school before because we didn't have the money for paper and pencils and school things. But I have a special friend who gave me my school stuff. She says that you gave money so that she could give me school supplies. I hope she brings me a new doll one day.

Mom says it's really nice that someone we don't know wants to help me. It makes Mom sad when we don't have enough money for food or school stuff. She gets really sad when we are sick and can't go to the doctor. Maybe next time we can go to the doctor because of you.

Thank you for helping me and making my Mom happy. She's says that it's because you love the man the lady talks about named Jesus. I like to hear her stories about Jesus. I think one day I want to love Jesus too.

I can't wait for another letter from you. They make me happy too.

I love you,

Alright, I hope that letter tugged at your heartstrings. Go here NOW Compassion and sponsor a child so they don't have to worry to much about getting better, or eating, or going to school. Don't eat out this week, give it to a child who won't eat at all.

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