Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I originally posted this last year, September 11, 2011, on the ten year anniversary. I read back through it and cried. Even now eleven years later it still has an impact on us all.

When you marry someone in the military it doesn't matter if they are active duty, guard or reserves, their job is your life. As the wife of a full-time Air National Guardsman, I never imagined that something that happened in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania one day would change my life for years to come.

I had just celebrated my 25th birthday and was eight weeks pregnant with our oldest child. Mikie and I were helping keep the children of a friend who was on a prayer walking trip in Africa with other ladies from our church. That week Amy stayed with us, she was in high school then.

Mikie went to work at 4:30 that morning and I had dropped off Amy and went to school. After my fifth graders left my class, another teacher came to my room and told me, "A plane has crashed into the twin towers in New York. Don't say anything to the kids, no one knows what's going on." By the time I could turn the tv on it was lunch. I was in shock. I tried to call Mikie and no one answered. Sometime before school was out he left a message in the school office that he didn't know when he would be home.

Honestly, the next week was a blur. Amy was so scared, her Mom was in Africa with no way home, Mikie wasn't home and we didn't have any idea what might happen next. That night she crawled in bed with me and we prayed. She wanted to watch the news reports. We watched for a few minutes and cut it off.

Mikie called late that night. I don't think he was supposed to call. He suddenly had went from being an aircraft mechanic with the Air National Guard to sitting on a fence with a machine gun. He came by school the next afternoon for a minute. He was home long enough to shower, change uniforms and pack a bag to go back to the air base. I don't remember how long he was gone before he got to come home again.

Amy's Mom was gone an extra long time, I don't remember how long, 7-10 days I think. Cody called sometime that week and wanted to come stay with us so he could be with his sister instead of with a friend. Church was packed both morning services, just like every other church in America that following Sunday.  Life would never be the same.

As I began writing this we were watching the documentary about 9/11. Our kids were asking questions, Mikie and I are experiencing some of the same feelings we did that day. This morning in church, Pastor Bob asked all those who are in law enforcement, fire department, first responders and others in those service jobs to stand. I looked behind me to see our friends Clark and Teresa standing in uniform, their seven year old grandson's face buried in Papaw's leg. Ty, like my kids, doesn't understand. The girls kept asking me why I was crying. Now they know. Michael, whose six, told us, "I wish Adam and Eve hadn't ate from the tree of good and evil cause then there wouldn't be no bad guys."

The past 10 years have been full of deployments, children added to our family, new jobs on base and those typical life changing experiences. I pray my children never face a day like that one. My day wasn't as memorable as others but it has still impacted who I am today.

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