Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fave Photos

These are some of my favorite photos from the past few months. I've given credit to those that were taken by someone other than me. Enjoy!

Ian's Sr. Pic Session

Moving the chicken coop!

Christmas Card Pics--using the tripod and timer. 

Maggie took this one.
Our fabulous art teacher did my makeup for our Day of the Dead Celebration at school.

Mattie's bench won 2nd place in the state Jr. Beta Convention.
 This is her 3rd year  and she's placed 2nd every year. 

Mikie's promotion ceremony to Chief selfie. 

Our friend Gracie took this one.
Mikie's Chief promotion ceremony. 

Our friend Teresa took this one.

Faith's Sr Pic session.

Jr. Beta Induction Ceremony. 

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