Wednesday, May 25, 2016

East Tennessee Summer Bucket List 2016

Every summer the kids and I make out a bucket list. We include free and cheap ideas. Some places and events to visit as well as around the house activities.

If you're local and interested in going with us, let me know, so I can give you the full details. You can click on any of the links for more information about the activity.

In no particular order, here is our Summer 2016 Bucket List.

  • Repack the new house and list it to sale. Yea, I know this one needs more details. They are coming soon. Our really fun bucket list items will only take place if this accomplished. Let's get to work!
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Safety Patrol trip to Washington, D.C.
  • A wedding reception in Abingdon, Virginia along with some sight-seeing. 
  • Youth choir tour to Southern Ohio.
  • 4-H Camp 
  • National Beta Convention in New Orleans
  • Yearly dental and doctor visits.
  • Days at the pool

    Pioneer Camp
  • Pioneer Camp at Davy Crockett in Limestone is an exciting day of 1800's Appalachian Frontier Heritage. When we've attended this in the past the kids have made corn husk dolls, participated in archery, thrown a tomahawk, started a fire, wove a basket, spun yarn, and watched a musket being loaded and fired. There are other activities also, a campground, picnic area and a pool. We usually eat down by the riverside. Um, sorry, if that song gets stuck in your head.

  • While we may be a little old to ride at Safety City Knoxville we always manage to find some younger friends to accompany. The kids love hanging out with the younger kids and I enjoy the mom time. We like to go early, then eat lunch at the playground, and finish up with the Splash Pad Fountains at World's Fair Park.
  • The day we go to the Market Square Farmer's Market we are also going to the WDVX Blue Plate Special. A free concert at the Knoxville Visitor's Center.
  • I haven't been to the drive-in movie since I was in college. Those were the days. So one Friday or Saturday evening, we are filling the back of the truck with lawn chairs, sleeping bags, and pillows, and heading out for a triple feature at the Parkway Drive In located in Maryville. 
  • We hope to take a Ranger led night hike at Cades Cove. I can't find the link to the dates right now. As soon as I find them I will post it.
  • Mother Hen's Hatchery  is also on our bucket list, followed by a stop at Yoder's Country Market for a few pounds of Lucky Charm marshmallows, homemade bread, and a pie or two. Yea, it's not Paleo. A girl can have regrets can't she.

And when this picture is snapped, summer is over, our bucket list is complete. We go to Sonic the Sunday night before Gracie goes back to college. Man, they grow up fast, but that's a tale for another night.


Steve Patterson said...

When you go to Abinginton, VA, check out the Virginia Creeper Trailer It is awesome, we take the youth with our church every year in May. They love it. There are splash pads in White Pine, TN and Morristown, TN too. Check out as I shared reviews of places. You might be able to contact places and tell them you have a blog and most will do a trade out for admission for a review. Something worth checking into. Thanks for your husbands service to our country as well and your families too.

mommyto4mjs said...

Thanks, Steve for the info and complement. We hope to be able to do the Virginia Creeper Trail sometime. I'm heading to your blog to check it out!