Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another typical day

For the person who said I wish I could be you here ya go. Get up at 5:30, that's AM, take shower, remember your wearing a dress today, get back in shower shave legs, 6:00 get up 4 whiny kids, get self ready, 6:15 drag Michael to shower, 6:40 load car, 6:41 tear house up looking for socks and shoes for 2; 6:47 forget it and get in car, 6:55 get breakfast stuffed biscuit and Mountain Dew freeze, 7:06 pull in elementary school, 7:15 kick kids to curb, 7:20 park at middle school, go in get Mollie's backpack, 7:23 leave middle school, 7:26 park and walk Mollie's backpack to the office at elementary school, 7:30 drive to my middle school, pull over the railroad tracks and realize the crossing arms going down behind you, get a little nervous, you can't pull forward, car finally turns, 7:45 pull in parking lot, 7:47 late but in room, 8:04-11:12 teach 3 classes, eat lunch, travel to afternoon school, teach 3 classes, find out your oldest daughter is the school Beta Vice President, do car duty,  3:50 drop off kids to paw at new house where we now have sheet rock and concrete started in the shower, 4:15 pedicure, 5:10 mcdonalds, 5:25 put heels back on smudge pedicure, 5:30-8:00 open house, 8:10 get gas cause it's dinging, 9:00 arrive at paw and memes pick up sleeping kids, 9:50 drive home realize dog and bunny need to be fed, see neighbors dog off his leash running up the road, dig through clean clothes in laundry room floor for socks, find missing shoes, shuffle 2 kids through shower, eat two Oreos and a glass of milk, decide whether you should go to bed, fix the two fingernails that peeled today, do what has to be done for the women's conference or just surf Facebook. Write this diatribe and post it to your blog cause somewhere in the world someone might care. So when I grow up and become a mom can I be like you since you think your life is so boring. I like boring I really do.