Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days 2014

I remember growing up getting lots of snow. I just want my kids to experience a huge snow like those that we got several times. But we have to settle for 1-4 inches. It doesn't stop the fun though. Here are some pics from our snow days this month.

Snow days week 1: 
Mattie doesn't do snow. 

Mollie doesn't do shoes. 

It was cold enough to freeze snot!

Waiting on her BFF to get here. 

We made a movie. These were their costumes.

Snow days week 2:

Gathering snow for snow cream

This sled is older than me. LOL

Praying this is our last winter here. Gonna miss the hills though.

Perfect road to sled. 

Great day to mend Teddy.
We are still out, but the sun is out, snow is melting off the grass, even though it's still on the roads. Maggie is gone to a friends and Mollie has a friend here. We've decided we probably should wash sheets and clean a little today. We just wish Daddy hadn't went to work yesterday and could have stayed and played. Hope you are enjoying your winter wonderland!

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