Monday, September 23, 2013

Take a Break

Every once in awhile some of us get to sit down and enjoy a break. Today it's Mattie and Maggie. Of course Mattie already ran two miles for cross country and Maggie has soccer two other days this week. 

They sat down to listen to "The Demigod Files" from the Percy Jackson series and to work on homework.

 Mattie and I spent our school day at the high school football field watching Meadowview kick some Patriot hiney. I get to spend tomorrow there again chaperoning the band. Sunscreen and visor are required for packing tomorrow. I just hope today's burn doesn't blister. It hurts pretty bad. 

I haven't posted in a long time. Mainly because I haven't had time. Today I figured out I am a pretty good phone typer and can blog on my phone. I guess it's the next best thing to dragging my laptop around. 

I will try to post more over the next few days. The goal is to post something everyday in October. We will see what happens. 

Until next time Happy fall y'all!!

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