Monday, April 15, 2013

Memories of My Gall Bladder

Ran across this in my journal from September 2010. Just wanted to get it online so I won't lose it. 

It’s been interesting around here this week. I had my gallbladder out Tuesday morning and it led to some crazy ideas in my kids heads. Our 4 year old, Mollie, has been with Grammy since Monday so she hasn’t experienced  any of this. Our 3rd grader, Mattie, decided in lunch Tuesday to mix her leftover mashed potatoes, ketchup, honey mustard, milk and applesauce together and tell the teacher she had puked. Well it would’ve worked if a little boy hadn’t told the teacher she was lying. Why would she do this? Well it seems that another little girl told a story about her dog going to the vet to be put to sleep, it died and didn’t come back home. So in Mattie's mind, I was being put to sleep which meant I might die and not come back.
Wednesday, I made it down the steps to eat lunch. Nana was here to take care of me since Mikie couldn’t be off work. As I finished lunch the phone rang. It was Maggie′s teacher. Seems Maggie, who’s six, had stomach issues, and the other two kids did too. Nana picked them all up at school after lunch and they came home. Would you believe they suddenly felt much better. Mommy was okay so they guessed they should let me sleep and they should play.
To add to the craziness of the week our 5 year old, Michael, missed the showing of my incisions on Tuesday evening. He has been pretty rough with me all week. On Thursday, Mikie, asked him what his problem was. “Mommy’s lazy.” He assumed since I had been in bed all week that I was just lazy. After he saw my belly he changed his mind, but not really his attitude.
Today, 5 days after my surgery I’m finally starting to feel much better. The kids are all with grandparents for the weekend. Mikie is working all weekend. When the military calls you work, no matter who has had surgery that week. 

My kids come up with the craziest ideas. 

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