Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bible Islands Free Pass--Educational Christian Website for Kids

I'm so excited!! I have been selected to stay on as a "Tommy Mommy" with Tommy Nelson Kids. That means I get to give more books away to you my readers.

This month I have a giveaway for everyone. Tommy Nelson and the new faith based Bible Islands have teamed up to provide a website for children. The website characters teach the Bible, Math, Reading, Hebrew and other subjects using a Christian worldview through educational games.

My kids have been checking this website out the past few days and really like it. Now your kids can share in the fun. Click here Bible Islands Free Pass and sign up for your Free Pass. It's simple and fun for kids of any age. If you can get your computer away from your kids, come back and comment below and let me and Tommy Nelson Kids know what you and your kids think!

Look for another giveaway this week, for Tween girls!  

Have a great week!!

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