31 Days--Who I Am

     I've always heard the "truth will set you free." I know it's most often used out of context, because in John 8:32...

     Jesus was teaching how to be God's true child.
    We are slaves of sin.

    To truly be His disciples, obey His teachings.

     "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32, NLT

    For the last five months, I've skirted around the truth. Not a sin that I've committed, but a life change that I've not shared online. 

     Here it goes. I'm publicly admitting...I wan't rehired. I was shocked. I didn't see it coming. But in the words of a good friend, who has helped filled my sub calendar,

     "Sometimes God gives you a blessing you didn't know you needed."

     He takes care of you before you realize you needed Him and...Guess what? 

I'm okay!

     God hasn't stopped taking care of me and my family. He continues to bless us, use us for his service and show us His truths. 

     I've read books to remake myself, figure out what my passion is, who I am. 

     I've wallowed in self-pity...a waste of my time.

     I've journaled, I've whined, I've talked, I've prayed. 

     I finally admitted that I'm not a failure

     I handed it over to God.

     God is good. Oh, He is so good. 

     Every October I want to participate in thenester.coms 31 days of writing. I have several series that I wanted to pursue this year. But as I sat down to start this post God took over. I've spent time trying to figure out who I am. 

     Do I know who I am?

      Do my husband and kids know who I am?

     Honestly, only God knows who I am. For the next month, I'll be answering the questions below. I'll be figuring out who I am, telling you who I am and putting together a journal for my kids. One of these days I'll be gone. I want them to be able to tell my grandchildren who I was. Not just what they saw everyday, but who I truly am. 

      I may not get a post up everyday. I'm going to be filling an interim teaching position, plus I still have to be all those other things I listed. But come back every few days and see who I am. 

      Maybe you will want to join me. Journal your answers to these questions, comment below and let me know you're participating, and join me over at Mommy to 4 MJ's on Facebook for discussion.

     I'll come back after each post goes live and update the link for that day. It will be green once I update. 

31 Days of Who I Am
Blog Challenge

  1. Introduction
  2. Earliest childhood memory
  3. Favorite summer growing up
  4. Old Photos 
  5. Something I miss
  6. Childhood dreams
  7. Why I chose to be a teacher
  8. Our Love Story
  9. Meaning of my blog name
  10. Three personality traits I am proud of
  11. Favorite Bible verse
  12. What’s in my handbag?
  13. Timeline of my day
  14. My worst habits
  15. Ten favorite songs
  16. A difficult time in my life
  17. Ten favorite foods
  18. Favorite quote
  19. Dream job
  20. My guilty pleasure
  21. Most proud moment
  22. Where I want to be in 10 years?
  23. Five favorite blogs
  24. What am I afraid of?
  25. Last time I cried
  26. What makes me feel better, always
  27. Pet Peeves
  28. Weird quirks
  29. Top things on my bucket list
  30. 20 facts about me
  31. What do you wanna know?


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